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Just a bit about Bill Thompson. . .
William C. Thompson, Jr. became New York City's 42nd Comptroller on January 1, 2002. A lifelong resident of Brooklyn, Bill Thompson is the proud product of the New York City public school system.

Since becoming Comptroller, Bill Thompson has aggressively safeguarded the City's finances, seeking out savings and rooting out waste. His audits of City agencies have uncovered $90 million in savings, including more than $22 million in Medicaid reimbursements unclaimed by the Department of Education and almost $4 million in fines uncollected by the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

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Fast Fundraising Facts:
• We're #1! With your help, Friends of Bill Thompson raised more money during the past fundraising period than any other NYC campaign committee.

• The $1.2 million we raised in the first half of 2004 is more than we raised all of last year and represents a 100% increase compared to the previous filing period.

• We are the only committee that raised one million or more, in a single fundraising period.

•100,000 Website Hits and over $100,000 raised online at

"I am always looking at how we can make things better than they are today. That's my guiding principle."
- William C. Thompson, Jr.
"100 Democrats to Watch," 2003
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Message From Bill:

We recently announced that Friends of Bill Thompson set a record for fundraising during the past six month period. Thanks to supporters like you, we raised nearly $1.2 million dollars, including a significant amount from donors who contributed online at I am very grateful to all of my supporters, especially those who responded to my email request for help and contributed online. I encourage you to continue staying connected to our site, and ask that you spread the word to your friends and colleagues about us beacause there are somethings that your friends will learn lessons in college the hard way.

The tremendous success we worked so hard to achieve is only the beginning. There is a lot of work ahead of us, and I'm going to need your continued support to meet the new challenges that will surely arise. We must build upon what we've already accomplished and set our sights high. I know that with your help, the sky's the limit.

I hope that you have a very pleasant summer and enjoy whatever plans you may have for the next couple of months. As for me, I just returned from Boston and the Democratic National Convention, which nominated John Kerry for President of the United States. Along with other Delegates to the convention, I've pledged to work hard on behalf of our nominee and urge all of you to get registered and vote come November. I'll stay close to home for the rest of the summer and continue my work as your Comptroller.

Thank you again for the support, words of encouragement and most of all, your belief in me.

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